At Wickliffe Health and Medical Wellness Center, we understand that one of the most important professional relationships you and your loved ones will ever have is with a doctor

The challenge of finding a new doctor raises many questions:

·         How can I find a doctor who's close to where I live?

·         How do I find a doctor who's right for my medical needs?

·         What are the most important things to consider?

Wickliffe Health and Medical Wellness Center is your neighborhood location for you and your family. Our compassionate medical care as well as advanced testing and treatment services take care of you when you need it most.


Our Mission

Our mission at this center is to provide you the specific attention and care necessary to assist you in realizing your particular wellness goal. We strive to do this every day by consistently providing effective personal service, valuable information and simple to follow instruction. That means you can be confident in our expertise and quality of care—because we have the same goals for you as you have for yourself.

Dr. Donca and the staff at Wickliffe Health and Medical Wellness Center always are friendly and professional while making sure I fully understand my treatment needs.
— John S Wickliffe, Ohio